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Sylvia Thomson

Flu vaccine. Encephalitis, death.

Laura Marie Colebeck

DPT, OPV vaccines. This 3 month old baby screamed for hours after the vaccine and then died in her sleep on the same day she was vaccinated. Found dead in crib next morning.

Pediatrician who administered the shot, cried and told the mother another baby, a boy, had died after being injected with the same vaccine.

Laura's mother said

"I can assure you that death from vaccination is neither quick nor painless. I helplessly watched my daughter suffer an excruciatingly slow death as she screamed and arched her back in pain, while the vaccine did as it was intended to do and assaulted her immature immune system. The poisons used as preservatives seeped through her tiny body, overwhelming her vital organs one by one until they collapsed. It is an image that will haunt me forever and I hope no other parent ever has to witness it."

Najib Ansari

DPT, BCG vaccines - death. One other child also died at the same time and three others were sickened.

Ruhan Reza

DPT, BCG vaccines - death. The above named child also died at the same time and three others were sickened.

Chandini and Charu (also named Avika and Anika in some news reports) - Twins

These nine month old twins were vaccinated with single measles vaccine and BOTH died immediately after the vaccine was given. The hospital has been sealed off by the police.

3 Month old Girl - Name Unknown

The baby died after being given a DPT vaccine.
Officials are blaming breast milk, saying that they told the mother not to breast feed for 30 minutes after the vaccine, but she did (!).

The grandfather says he does not believe the baby died by breast milk and is glad they intend to do a post-mortem.

Newborn - Name Unknown

Newborn baby in India, was given BCG vaccine at 1 day old. Began deteriorating that same day and died the next morning.

Jayden Lynch

This IVF baby developed a seizure disorder after his 1 year vaccines. He later died, aged 3 years, from the disorder and was found dead by his childcare provider.

Brandy Mae

DPT, MMR: this 1 year old had had progressively worse reactions to each round of vaccines throughout her life and had been in hospital with seizures and infection prior to her 1 year shots.

1 day after the shots she was dead.


Martin Davies

DPT vaccine - he was vaccinated at the age of 2 years old, having been developmentally NORMAL, then developed severe brain damage requiring round the clock care.

Died aged 43 after inhaling his stomach contents because his gag reflex no longer worked properly due to the brain damage.

Six Week Old Girl - Name Unknown, Durban, Africa

The Maternal Child and Women’s Health Programme in the Provincial Department of Health deems any kind of Adverse Event following immunisation in a very serious light. This follows a recent incident where a six-week old baby died after she was immunised at a clinic in Phoenix, Durban.

Adverse events include abscesses, continuous crying, severe temperatures, or anything that parents or medical practitioners suspect have been caused by immunisation. Any death that occurs within 48 hours of immunisation is investigated as an Adverse Event Following Immunisation, and seen as extremely serious.

Source: South African Government, http://www.info.gov.za/speeches/2005/05070111151002.htm

Anabelle Morin

HPV vaccine. 14 year old girl. After the first shot she began experiencing dizziness and memory loss and was transferred to hospital for tests, which found nothing.

A few days after the 2nd shot, her mother found her unconscious in the bath tub and she was unable to be revived.

Coroner wants further testing of HPV vaccines.

Infant Son (Name Unknown) of Daisy Jaswani

DPT vaccine. 2 month old baby boy.

Immediately after vaccine, baby began crying non-stop. By the time mother arrived home, baby was cold to touch. Baby taken to hospital where he was later pronounced dead.

Elias Tembenis

Developed seizure disorder after second dose of DTaP - epilepsy.
Frequent seizures, ear infections, developmental delay. Diagnosed with autism. Was part of the autism omnibus group who are trying to sue for vaccine damage. His parents withdrew from it, fearing the word 'autism' was too controversial. Instead, they sued stating the vaccine had caused brain damage (one could argue that autism is brain damage) and they WON their claim.

Sadly, Elias died on 17th November 2007, aged 7 years, due to his illnesses.

Joshua, son of Dhanalakshmi

Two year old boy, given polio drops at 8.30am.
Mother took him home, did housework and then fed him. A while later he started having a seizure. She took him to the local hospital who advised he go to a bigger hospital so she attempted to take him there but he died on the way.

Saranya, daughter of Sonti Ravindra

One year old girl given polio drops on the 23rd January 2011. Next day she had a high fever and was taken to hospital, but sent home. She became critical and died on the way to another hospital on Tuesday 25th January.

Her 3 year old cousin was also admitted to hospital after vaccination, with fever and seizures.

Kanagawa Prefecture

3 month old girl.

Given first doses of hib, DPT and prevnar 13 vaccines and died shortly after.

Hyogo Prefecture

2 year old boy, not a relative of the above victim. Given hib and Prevnar 13 vaccines and died shortly afterwards.

Unnamed One Year Old Girl

From Nishinomiya, in Hyogo, Japan.

Given DPT, hib, Prevnar 13 vaccines and died shortly afterwards on 2nd March 2011.

Unnamed 6 Month Old Girl

From Kyoto City, Japan.

Given DPT, hib and Prevnar 13 vaccines.

Died 4th March 2011.

Tyler Rodrigues

6 month old baby, died 3 days after a DPT vaccine which was given when he had a cold. He stopped breathing and the ambulance never showed up to perform CPR despite being called repeatedly. Police man drove Tyler to hospital, where he was pronounced dead. The pathologist said tyler died of a cold, despite his post-mortem showing that Tyler had swelling of the brain, a classic vaccine side-effect, blood spots on his liver and pneumonia.

Tyler's aunty said:
"In between not being warned about the vaccinations and no ambulance showing up to help save his life......This has all been too traumatizing for my whole family!! Its been over two months and my sister still cries herself to sleep. She has told me everyday since his death that she feels cheated because her doctor should have given her all the information and let her make her own decision on rather or not to vaccinate him."


Sean Weisse

8 year old boy. Died of Guillian-Barre Syndrome (paralysing disease) brought on by H1N1 vaccine and recognised as being caused by it.

Riley James Fearn

4 Month old boy. Died shortly after his 3rd lot of vaccinations. Passed off as 'cot death' (which is not a diagnosis and simply means unexplained death). Mother sure it was vaccinations.

Rui Rui

BCG Vaccine. Swollen lymph nodes, muscle wastage, skin turned brown and wrinkled, baby died.


Rui Rui, Before Vaccination.


Rui Rui, After Vaccination.

Tyler Le Grange

3 month old boy, vaccinated and a couple of hours later turned blue and stopped breathing, rushed back to the clinic but was already dead. A 5 month old who was vaccinated at the same clinic on the same day also died.


Zakiya Williams

5 month old girl, had vaccinations and died on the same day, at the same clinic as Tyler Le Grange. The pathologists say that her death was natural causes, despite the fact that Tyler died too and that they referred eight other babies to the Red Cross Children's Hospital in case the same thing happened to them.


9 month old boy. Died after being injected with measles vaccine. Doctors determined he died of 'toxic shock syndrome' as an outcome of vaccination. Two other babies, Lallu and Sadhu, who were also injected at the same place, had to be treated for post vaccine complications.


15 day old girl. Given oral polio drops, died within minutes.


20 day old baby vaccinated for measles, no idea why as they're not supposed to vaccinate against measles in babies this young. The baby died at her home on that evening.

Asha Bambhaniya

2 month old baby girl with a pre-existing heart condition died 15 minutes after being given Hepatitis B and DPT vaccines.

Ancy, daughter of Shabeer and Sajila

58 day old girl, given pentavalent vaccine on December 14th 2011, became unwell, developed fever overnight, died next day. Officials are trying to blame her death on 'breathlessness'.


6 week old baby, given DPT, died a few hours later.
A second baby, Radhav, developed seizures after being injected with a vaccine from the same batch.

Michael Allen

Baby Michael was born 31st March 1997 and died 12th June 1997,aged 2 months, 12 days, after a reaction to a DPT vaccine.

His memorial video is here:


Megha Devkari

3 month old girl, died hours after oral polio vaccine, Hepatitis B vaccine and DPT vaccine. Death recorded as 'accidental'.

Stacy Sirjacobs

9 week old girl who died one week after her first round of shots: DPT, hib, polio, Hep B, pneumonia, and rotavirus.

Got fever, gastroenteritis, rapid heart rate, red spots, difficulty breathing. In addition to vaccine damage was denied basic hospital care including tests, antibiotics or even nappy (diaper) changes!! This child was killed by multiple vaccines and medical negligence as they might have saved her had she been treated appropriately.


Stacy and Lesly Sirjacobs - Stacy died one week after vaccines, leaving Lesly without her sister.


18 months old - vaccinated with MMR despite having RSV virus and being unwell for 6 months prior to vaccination.  Child was snuffly and having some breathing issues on the day of his shot.  He suffered a cardiac arrest a few days later that his parents insist was due to MMR.

Note: Sick children should not be vaccinated!


3 month old baby girl, given a pentavalent vaccine, died within hours of having the vaccine.

Chace Topperwein

3 year old boy.  He was accidentally given Gardasil vaccine at 6 weeks of age (instead of a meningitis vaccine the nurse meant to give him).

At 2 years old he was diagnosed with leukaemia - his parents believe the vaccine caused his leukaemia. 
He sadly lost his fight for life in June 2012. 

No vaccine is ever tested for its carcinogenic potential and this is stated in manufacturer's data sheets.  In trials of Gardasil there was a 44% increase in cervical cancer in women who already had HPV virus in their body at the time of vaccination.


Dhanya Gopal Siddi

45 day old baby died after Hepatitis B vaccine, along with 3 other babies who were vaccinated at the same time.

Anju BK

Died one day after having a measles vaccine.

Gauri Chiral

Died one day after measles vaccine.

Milan Damai

Died one day after measles vaccine.

Sujata Nepali

Died one day after measles vaccine.

2 Month old Boy, son of Pooja

DPT, Hepatitis B and BCG vaccines administered.

On arrival home after the shots, the baby began vomiting and bleeding through the nose heavily.

His mother took him to a local cottage hospital but he was pronounced dead on arrival.

Samantha Trask

Baby died after her first vaccines - mother believes due to them ruining her immune system.

Ayushi Gupta

DPT, oral polio drops, Hepatitis B vaccine.

1 month old baby girl, vaccinated with multiple vaccines when sick with a cough and cold. 

Baby started crying immediately after the shots.  Parents incorrectly told that crying 'all day' was normal after vaccines.  In fact, crying for more than 3 hours following vaccination is considered a serious neurological side-effect and a contraindication to further vaccination, so the doctor gave them wrong and dangerous advice.

Baby was brought home and fed.  Two hours later she was discovered unresponsive.  She was taken to hospital where she was pronounced dead.

Tran My Ngoc

Five month old girl. Died a few hours after being administered Quinvaxem vaccine, on 24 November 2013. It was the same vaccine that killed several other babies.

Chandler Webb

Chandler was a 19 year old who was preparing for a mormon mission when he got a flu shot at a routine physical, the first flu shot he'd ever had. 24 hours later he was violently ill with severe headaches and vomiting. He was admitted to hospital for tests that all came back negative. Then his brain swelled and he went into a coma and died. One doctor said it may be vaccine encephalitis but the other doctors all denied it.

Haylee Marie

Haylee Marie passed away aged 10 months old, five hours after a shot for Hepatitis B. The government pathologist ruled it as SIDS (which is not a diagnosis, it just means 'the baby died suddenly and we don't know why') but the family didn't believe that their healthy baby could just suddenly drop dead a few hours after vaccinations and it just be a 'coincidence' so they had an independent pathologist examine her, who ruled she died as a result of an allergic reaction to the vaccine.

Fox 2 News Headlines

Thomas Fuhri

Beautiful little boy, declared healthy by doctor prior to his vaccinations. Vaccinated at 2 months, died one and a half days later.


Kevon Critchlow

4 month old baby

Died after recieving routine vaccinations (reports do not state which ones). Mother states she believes he was given vaccinations meant for his 5 year old cousin. As far as dose is concerned, a 4 month old is given the same dose as a 5 year old, so it was probably a vaccine reaction rather than a dosing mistake, however, he may have been given MMR which is not supposed to be given to babies under a year old.


Zane Jerome Carter


Zane was put to bed on the night of July 2nd 2014 and was found not breathing 10 minutes later, his mother was called at work and rushed home where medflight was, taking her son to the hospital an hour away. Tests were run and it was found that Zane had little to no brain activity. Tanya (Zane's mother) and her significant other Wesley who has taken care of Zane as his own son were told the end was near and Zane would  to be taken off all life assisting measures, he would pass away. Zane became an angel on the evening of July 4 2014, Zane had Roseola when he had his DTap vaccination and the prevnar July 1st. Zane's cause of death was bacterial pnemonia that he got from his pnemonia vaccination.  Zane was taken off life support be someone at the hospital and Tanya only got 5 minutes to hold him after he was pronounced dead......

Just before vaccination in the doctor's waiting room


After Vaccination


Bently Stratten

Died almost 6 months old after 13 vaccinations in one day, without the mother's knowledge or consent.

Bently's parents had decided to delay his vaccinations until 6 months to give his immune system time to mature and the doctor gave him all recommended vaccines up to 6 months on the US schedule in one session. He died five days later.

Bently's mum said:

'My son Bently Stratton passed away April 10, 2012 at 5:35pm after receiving 13 Vaccinations 5 days prior.

He was a healthy, happy, beautiful and loving baby boy.
He always had a smile on his face.
He was so smart. He even said "MaMa" once before he passed away.
He was almost 6 months old when he passed. 7 days sky of reaching his 6th month.

As his mother, who cared for him the entire length of his short bittersweet life, I know theres more to it than him just suddenly passing away for no apparent reason!

I know the difference between his health before and after all those shots. It was like night and day.
My Bently was not Bently anymore after the doctor visit April 5, 2012. The day of all those vaccinations!!
5 days later he was gone!!!

Fell asleep and never opened those beautiful eyes again..just drifted off to heaven in his sleep.'

Bently's Family are Raising Money to Take Legal Action and Get Justice for Bently. To help, click on the link:

Justice for Bently

Elijah Daniel French, known as Danny

Baby repeatedly vaccinated throughout life and had side-effects after the vaccines and developed asthma.

Vaccinated with MMR, varicella, hib, and DTaP - eight vaccines in four injections at 14 months old. Suffered side-effects from the moment of the shots until his death 72 hours later.

This is his mother's account of his death:

'That night (after the vaccines) Danny was still eating and drinking but was cranky and slept more than usual. By the next day, he was extremely fatigued, irritable and had a loss of appetite. He did not have a fever at this time. He was red and warm where they injected him. These symptoms only worsened. By the third day, Danny was unable to stay awake for longer than thirty minutes, he had zero food intake, his fluid intake diminished and he cried excessively. Seventy-one hours after his doctor visit, Danny developed a fever from the vaccines and was given Children’s Tylenol. His doctor was called but there was no answer from him because it was the July 4th holiday, the office was closed.

He was given Tylenol at 2:00 PM and was laid down on the floor, on a comforter in the living room, near the wall, where he took a nap. I checked on him while my other children played. I checked on him at 4:00 PM to see if he felt feverish and he was cool to the touch. I thought he was just cold so I covered him up. He was sleeping, I thought. He didn’t look dead. It was about forty minutes later when I discovered he was unresponsive and had passed away. 911 was called seventy-five hours post vaccination. The EMS sheet stated four shots were given four days prior. It was actually only 3 days prior that he was vaccinated. A detective came out briefly and my son was taken to the hospital where he was left. Then his autopsy was to be done and I waited for answers. I was told my baby most likely died within thirty minutes after he was given the Tylenol, at around 2:30 PM. This was based on lividity, rigor onset, and Tylenol levels in his blood.

I was told, “Oh, vaccines couldn’t have done this,” and I had no reason to question them because they were doctors and doctors don’t lie. Danny died on July 4, 2008, the day he turned 14 months old, less than three days after he was vaccinated.”


The original pathologist said that Danny suffocated and tried to suggest that Danny's siblings accidently smothered him. He had never seen the room Danny had been found or photographs of the scene before making this determination.

The case was closed without Danny's family knowing what happened to him.

Eventually his mum sent off blood samples, hair samples and teeth and bone fragments from his ashes to three other pathologists who stated that he died of vaccine induced hypercytokinemia resulting in asphyxiation.

Danny's mother said:

'My family has cholesterol issues and all of my children get regular bloodwork done because we are at a high risk of heart disease from high cholesterol issues. Danny had blood samples taken when he was twelve months old. On the day of Danny’s well-baby visit two months later, just before he passed, the day he was given that last set of shots, they had to take his blood again because of a previous lab mix-up. I wasn't comfortable with the way things were going so I had requested that the samples be sent to a facility for storing.I had kept a locket of Danny’s hair after he had passed away, some slides requested after his autopsy, and decided to send some teeth and bone fragments from his ashes to the pathologist, along with the stored blood samples I had requested be saved. I then made arrangements to have the evidence reviewed.

Everything was reviewed by three separate pathologists. All three confirmed the same findings. The pathologists stated vaccine-induced hypercytokinemia as the cause of my son’s asphyxiation. They were able to determine this in large part to the blood panel taken prior to Danny receiving his vaccines, in contrast with the samples I had stored. They also agreed encephalopathy was likely responsible, as it’s a cytokine storm syndrome. Danny’s pathology report stated his cause of death was asphyxiation, secondary to hypercytokinemia, caused by vaccines received approximately 72 hours prior.

My son too had a brownish to pinkish colored mucous coming from his mouth when he died. My daughter witnessed this and I saw evidence of this on the blanket when it was returned to me, as well as on his unwashed clothing. I have since been made aware this regularly happens in babies passing after vaccination.”

I know it was the vaccines that took my son’s life. A cytokine cascade caused his airway to swell shut, killing him. I no longer vaccinate because of what the vaccines did to my son.Parents need to trust themselves and always get a second opinion. His life could have been saved if I was warned his earlier reactions were a sign that future vaccines could cause even worse harm. No parent should ever have to go through this and that’s why I want to share our story.”


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